Why a Book on Kerala?

The book on Kerala titled “An introduction to Kerala Studies” is a worthy endeavor for the following reasons:

It gives the growing generation of young Malayalis, particularly the student population, a proper orientation to their origin, history, sociology and culture. The second generation of India/Kerala Diaspora not only in the US but also in Europe, South America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands) are unaware of the land and culture of their origin. Our project is likely to become the most valuable contribution of people of India/Kerala origin. The Book on Kerala will deal not only with Kerala but Kerala within the Indian context.

This book will be a good induction to intercultural, intracultural and international studies with specific reference to India. It will be a valuable addition to several courses on Indology, South Asia Regional Studies etc that are being offered in some US universities.

Even the general population of the West interested in studies relating to India and development studies will find our book quite useful as it will deal with the sociology, politics, history, culture, religion etc of Kerala and India.

There is at present no reliable source book available in many countries about Kerala’s development. Some people of Kerala origin are occupying very important positions in the field of art, literature, architecture, science and technology. Malayalis and Indians are attracting global attention. Our book will serve in disseminating properly gathered and documented information about the land, culture and customs of these prominent Asians.

Kerala for the uninitiated

The state of Kerala, one of the smallest but also one of the wealthiest states of India, is located in the southern- most part of India. This state is bordered by the Arabian Sea in the west and Western Ghats in the east and can be divided into three geographical regions: highlands, midlands and lowlands with contrasting vegetation and varied climatic and geomorphologic zones. The modern Kerala is noted for social reforms, sustainable development, high material quality of life achievements, religious harmony, high literacy, low infant mortality, high life expectancy and gender equality. Kerala has a population of 32 million people, 3% of India’s total population in 38,863 square kilometers of land reforming 1.18% of India.

location map of Kerala

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